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14 Techniques, 18+ Master Trainers, 7.5 Hours Each Day, 5 Marketing Topics

Frequently asked questions

Below are answers to common questions about the conference.

#1: Is the conference 2 days or 3 days?

3 days. The conference will take place on June 13-15, 2021.

#2: Is this conference live? Or, will it be a recording?

This virtual conference is LIVE. With a recording available after each day and for 7-days after the conference ends.

#3: How does this online conference work since there’s more than 14 speakers that’s going to talk?

You will login to a single video conference in the morning. All of the speakers will join that video conference when it is their turn to speak.

That way, as an attendee, you will only need to login once each morning.

#4: Do you provide a log in for each attendees?

Yes. Each attendee will get a separate login.

#5: How long each day and how many days will it take for the entire online conference?

It is a 3-day conference. Each day will last 9+ hours, but there will be breaks in-between sessions.

#6: What are the hours that I need to be available for the online conference?

It is going to be roughly 8AM PST to 7PM PST each day, for 3 days.

#7: If ever I miss one or more speakers, is there anyway to view the video later?

Yes. All of the presentations will be available for an extra 7-days after the conference ends.

#8: Will we get machine and latex for practice?

No. You'll be practicing from home because it's an online virtual conference. So there won't be any machine or latex provided.

If you want to practice at home as you watch the live sessions (or as you re-watch recorded sessions), you will need to make sure you have those tools ready at home.

#9: Will this conference be held in any other cities?

No. At this time this conference will only be held in Las Vegas. (Note: This conference is on-line now.)

Because of COVID-19, this conference is an ONLINE ONLY virtual conference.

#10: Will this conference be held again in the near future?

We're not sure yet. Currently there are no future versions of this conference planned.

#11: After I make my deposit, how do I pay the balance?

You will receive an invoice to your email address for the remaining balance. Your remaining balance is calculated as: The ticket price minus your deposit and minus your coupon code discount.

To guarantee your seat, your balance must be paid by the May 13th deadline. Otherwise you will lose your deposit and your seat.

#12: Do you have to be certified for microblading or permanent makeup?

Technically, you can attend the conference without an existing certification for microblading or permanent makeup. However, being trained and certified in at least one microblading or permanent makeup technique will allow you to benefit much more from the conference.

#13: What is the daily conference schedule?

You can get the conference schedule here . However, after including breaks, each day will last from roughly 8AM PST to 7PM Pacific Standard Time (PST - Los Angeles).

#14: My name is misspelled!? Will it be that way on my certificate?

No. When you use our website to request your certificates AFTER the end of the conference, you will be able to correct the spelling of your name.

#15: When will you get your conference login information?

You will get your conference login at least a week before the conference starts. If you don’t have your login within 7 days of the conference start, please email us.

#16: How long after the conference can you watch the recordings?

You can watch recordings of every conference session for 7 days after the conference is over.

#17: If you invited a bestie, will you each get different conference logins?

Yes. Each of you will get a different login. For more information about the bestie rules, read them here: https://thepmuconference.com/pmu-bestie-offer-rules/

#18: When do you get our FREE 6-Months access to the PMU Forms app?

After the conference, you will be able to log in to the PMU Forms app and use it for FREE for 6-months.

We will give you instructions on how to access PMU forms towards the last day of the conference.

#19: If you miss one or more speakers, is there a way to view the video later?

Yes. All of the presentations will be available for an extra 7-days after the conference ends.

#20: When and how will you get your certificates?

You will get your certificates of attendance at the end of the conference.

We have a web app you will use to tell us what name to put on your certificate. And you will use the web app to get your certificates emailed to you.

We will email you your certificates at professional print-quality resolution -- 300 DPI.

You can print your certificates at home, or take the files to an office print shop like a FedEx Office or Office Max / Office Depot for a high-quality print.

#21: If I request a refund, will I still get certificates of attendance for the classes I attended?

No. If you request a refund you will get no certificates of attendance.

Certificates of attendance issued at this conference are digitally verifiable by QR code. When you get a refund there is no digital record to link your certificates of attendance to.

Partial refunds are not allowed.

#22: If I miss part of the conference, can I get a partial refund?

No. Partial refunds are not allowed.

#23: How can I see Anna Kutsevolova's part, Hairstrokes for Men?

Anna's part is available as a COMPLETE PRESENTATION & MODEL DEMONSTRATION video that we will send you a link for on Day 2 of the conference!

On top of the at, we have a surprise! Oksana Martynenko will be giving a COMPLETE LIVE PRESENTATION & GUIDED MODEL DEMONSTRATION to give you even MORE information on MALE BROWS!

#24: Why is my video choppy and low resolution?

Your internet might not be fast enough.

Test your internet speed using a site like this: https://www.speedtest.net/. Make sure your internet is at least 2 Mbps.

If others in your home or office will be watching Netflix, Youtube, Tik Tok, or other streaming video, you will need at least 4 Mbps. Or you can tell others to turn off those streaming sites while you attend the conference each day.

#25: Will I be able to review the answers to questions fellow attendees ask via the Zoom meeting chat?

Yes. We will save a copy of the questions and answers during from each day.

You can review any typed questions and answers during the 7-days of replay access that you have for the conference.

#26: Where do I go to watch the replays?

You can access your replays at: https://learn.pmumasterclasses.com.

You will need to login with your conference username and password. Replays for each day will NOT be available until the next day.

#27: Are the speaker presentations and model demonstrations live or pre-recorded?

The speaker's POWERPOINT presentation is live.

For better quality, the model video is PRE-RECORDED so that we can get better camera angles and skip unimportant parts of the procedure like numbing and disinfection.

While the video plays the master trainer will explain steps and answer your questions.

#28: How can I ask questions during the presentations and demonstrations?

You can use the Zoom raise-hand feature and, if called on, ask your question directly. Or you can type your question in the meeting chat.

Please Email Or Call If You Have Additional Questions

If any of your questions were not answered above, you can email us at: info@thepmuconference.com or call (857) 222-5582.

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