14+ CERTIFICATES Of Attendance and 18+ Master Trainers to GROW YOUR SKILLS, Help You GET MORE CLIENTS and Help You EARN MORE PER APPOINTMENT.

14 Techniques, 18+ Master Trainers, 7.5 Hours Each Day, 5 Marketing Topics

Conference topics

This conference will cover 18+ topics. Each topic was picked because it teaches you skills that will help you earn more money as an artist.

DS Crystal Dust Eyeliner - Taught By: Dolores Srok

Above: Dolores Srok will show you her DS Crystal Dust Eyeliner technique

After brows, the #2 money-maker in Permanent Makeup is Eyeliner.

During this presentation, you will learn the secrets behind Dolores' DS Crystal Dust Eyeliner.

You will also get to watch step-by-step to see how Dolores does this technique on a model.

Lip Blush on Dark Lips - Taught By: Carla Ricciardone

Above: Carla is so in-demand, even professionally trained DOCTORS πŸ‘©β€βš•οΈπŸ‘¨β€βš•οΈ attend classes at her academy! 😲🀯 She will teach you her tricks to doing flawless lip blush on dark lips.

As we mentioned above, doing more lips can boost your income per hour.

While our research shows brows average only $400 to $500 for an initial, lips average 25-45% more -- as high as $500 to $700 for an average initial.

But women with darker lips are searching for artists who have been trained to work with darker skin. That's why getting training from Carla can help make you more IN-DEMAND with a whole new group of clients in your home city.

Because Carla FOCUSES on dark lips, one of her main money-makers, you can be confident you're getting training from one of the top DARK LIP experts in the United States.

We can't wait to see what Carla is going to teach you during this session!

Living Brows - Carefree Hairstrokes - Taught By: Roberta Peixoto

Above: Notice how the above look is more carefree than microblading? This is a NEW technique to offer clients that don't want the perfectly manicured look of traditional microblading and shading. During her presentation, Roberta will show you how she creates this natural, carefree look.

If your city is crowded with lots of Permanent Makeup artists, and you're having a tough time standing out as DIFFERENT AND BETTER than your competition, then YOU NEED TO LEARN THIS TECHNIQUE.

Here's why your business needs this technique:

Your business could be losing out on bookings from women that don't want that perfectly manicured look that ALL the other microblading artists are doing. Some women want their brows to look more careless and carefree. So by learning this NEW technique, now you can EXPAND YOUR BUSINESS to take on A WHOLE NEW TYPE OF PERMANENT MAKEUP CLIENT. That could mean thousands of dollars in new income for you in 2021.

During the Living Brows presentation you will learn:
  • How Roberta does her "careless and carefree" LIVING BROWS HAIRSTROKES technique
  • What needle to use for this NEW technique
  • How Roberta draws the LIVING BROWS shape before the procedure
  • What tools she uses to get the perfect LIVING BROWS look
  • What types of pigment work best for this carefree NATURAL look

Sway Brows Microblading - Taught By: Tanny Diep

Above: Microblading is still the biggest money-maker in our industry. And Tanny is a new microblading ROCKSTAR. 🀩

Tanny charges $750 for microblading in a competitive market but is booked out MONTHS in advance! What's her secret?

Tanny will show you what she does different that has caused her business to boom over the last 2 years.

For example, Tanny told us she will teach you one of her...

  • secrets to keep your microblading lines crisp, and...
  • secrets to GUARANTEE you're working at the correct depth.

Unlike Kim, πŸ˜‚ Tanny has told us what the secret is. But you'll have to wait for her presentation...

Hairstrokes for Men - Taught By: Anna Kutsevolova

Above: Do you see that the above pattern looks more manly than microblading? The technique above is pioneered by Anna Kutsevolova.

More men are paying for microblading and PMU to repair damaged or missing eyebrows. But doing men's brows is hard. 😬

Anna has designed a pattern for men's brows that make it easier to get consistent masculine results.

Why was Anna able to pioneer such a unique technique? Anna has a degree in Fine Arts. According to Anna, her artistic training helps her move the industry forward.

Anna's session will help you feel MORE CONFIDENT when doing male brows because we all struggle to give men manly brows. Getting better at this will help you make more money from this growing part of the PMU market.

OmbrΓ© Powder Brows - Taught By: Kim Zen

Above: Kim Zen produces some of the most beautiful powder results in the industry. At this conference Kim will teach you secrets that help her get results like the above. Results like the above PROVE why Kim one of the top brow artists in Southern California.

During the Powder Brows presentation you will learn:
  • How to create the above soft, natural effect with Kim's personal shade blending method. (When asking Kim for more information, she still hasn't told us what it is. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ She said she's going to reveal it during her presentation. So we can't wait to see it too!)
  • Kim's personal tips and tricks to get a perfect soft, powdery finish
  • Kim's process to combine the right colors to customize the powder brow for each client

Tricopigmentation (NEW! PATENTED technique) - Taught By: Toni Belfatto

Above: Unlike traditional scalp pigmentation, Tricopigmentation is good for long hair. Notice how real these look. Toni Belfatto will be teaching this treatment to you.

Tricopigmentation is NOT THE SAME AS scalp micropigmentation, although they are similar.

There are 2 inventors of Tricopigmentation as it is known today. Toni Belfatto and Milena Lardi. However, Toni holds a PATENT for his Tricopigmentation technique.

According to Joe Tillman -- a hair transplant consultant, and patient educator, since 2003 -- the difference between Tricopigmentation and scalp micropigmentation are,

  1. Better for women than scalp micropigmentation - While scalp micropigmentation is great for men, Tricopigmentation can be GREAT FOR WOMEN because, according to Mr. Tillman, the "pigmentation looks realistic, and creates the illusion of fuller density in thinning longer hair, " (reference: "What Is Tricopigmentation" , hairtransplantmentor.com, Accessed: October 28, 2019)
  2. Better consistency - "micropigmentation dots often look too big to be realistic, the hair pattern is botched (especially at the hair line)" (reference: "What Is Tricopigmentation" , hairtransplantmentor.com, Accessed: October 28, 2019)
  3. Less discoloration - "With micropigmentation, the ink can become an unnatural green and blue color as time passes" (reference: "What Is Tricopigmentation" , hairtransplantmentor.com, Accessed: October 28, 2019)

If you already do scalp micropigmentation, learning this technique could open the door to thousands in new income by EXPANDING YOUR SCALP SERVICES TO PROVIDE BETTER RESULTS FOR WOMEN.

If no artists in this area are offering Tricopigmentation services, you can GET NEW CLIENTS by being the FIRST TO OFFER this NEW service in your area!

According to testimony from clients and artists in Italy, artists trained by Toni, can CHARGE MORE for their scalp micropigmentation services. (reference: "Hair pigmentation" , Accessed: October 28, 2019 -- Note: Because Toni is from Italy, the website linked is in Italian.)

During the Tricopigmentation (similar to Scalp Pigmentation) presentation you will learn:
  • How Toni's patented technique is different than scalp micropigmentation.
  • How Toni performs this technique on clients; you will see a demonstration of Toni Belfatto performing this technique.
  • How machine configuration and settings are DIFFERENT for Tricopigmentation than for scalp micropigmentation.
  • The type and selection of pigments you need to use for Tricopigmentation
  • The tools Toni uses when performing this technique
  • Which clients are good candidates for this technique
  • And many other CRITICAL lessons you MUST LEARN before you attempt to offer this service to men and women in your area

Areola - Taught By: AmazInk - Dr Sylwia Nawrot & Sylwia Dobrowolska

Plastic surgery can restore breast size and shape, but it does not restore the look of a natural nipple.

During this presentation, AmazInk experts Dr Sylwia Nawrot & Sylwia Dobrowolska will give you an OVERVIEW of what is required to give a woman who has suffered from breast cancer a more natural-looking nipple so that you can help your client to restore her dignity.

If you already do areola reconstruction, then this presentation will help you to PERFECT the naturalness of your results.

If you don't yet offer this service, then this presentation will let you see, up close, HOW A MASTER like Mandy Sauler achieves such PERFECT natural results.

Afterwards, you might decide to add this exclusive service (very few permanent makeup artists really know how to do this technique correctly), which can earn you $600+ per nipple.

>> Don't know who AmazInk is? Click Here To See Pictures Of Their Work

OmbrΓ© Powder Brows On Dark Skin - Taught By: Jenny Lind

Above: DEMAND FOR OMBRΓ‰ ON DARK SKIN IS HIGH πŸ”₯ because few artists know how to do it.

The PMU industry is crowded. But, one easy way to get more clients with LESS COMPETITION is to learn how to do OmbrΓ© on dark skin .

Jenny Lind is considered one of the top experts in America for OmbrΓ© on Dark Skin.

For example, Jenny has traveled to 3 different continents -- North America, Europe, and South America -- to train PMU artists. 🌎 (Reference: JennyLind.co) Obviously Jenny is one of the best. Otherwise, students on those three continents would train with someone local, no?

Is Jenny serious about teaching you how to work on dark skin? Consider the below.

Jenny co-founded the PMU industry organization Women Of Color so that she can: "provide artists of all backgrounds and levels of expertise the education...to fulfill the unique needs of client’s with darker skin tones" (Reference: JennyLind.co)

As the above quote proves, Jenny is serious about helping artists like you get better at working on dark skin.

So, if you want to expand into PMU services with less competition, take lots of notes during Jenny's presentation. You may also want to take pictures and record as many videos as you can during this session.

Nano Basix - Luxury Brow Design & Intro To Nano Hairstrokes - Taught By: Hoi Kwan

Above: Can you believe the above is Nano MACHINE Hairstrokes and NOT microblading?!? Even if you think you already know Nano brows, the amazing, tight machine-hairstroke pattern above is why you need to learn Nano (Machine Hairstokes) from Hoi Kwan.

Poor retention is the #1 complaint clients have with microblading.

Nano hairstrokes last longer than microblading because the machine can get more pigment deeper into the skin.

That's why clients love nano. πŸ’–

For clients with oily skin types, machine (nano) hairstrokes might be the only option for you to get good retention.

Unfortunately, most permanent makeup artists don't know how to get nano hairstrokes that are tightly spaced like microblading. So their results look LESS realistic.

However, as you can see from the above pictures, Hoi Kwan has MASTERED making nano hairstrokes that are just as tightly spaced as microblading! This gets beautiful, natural-looking results, even though she's using a machine.

If you can be one of the few artists in your local area that does this well, it could help you get a LOT of extra clients.

Make sure you pay close attention as Hoi explains how she gets such perfect, tightly-packed machine strokes.

You MUST be ready to take lots of notes during this presentation.

THE BLUSH® - Lip Blushing - Taught By: Stefanie Toms

Above: Stefanie Toms is winner of πŸ†BEST UK PMU ARTIST 2019; Stefanie will show you her secrets in 6 different areas relating to get soft, natural lip-blushing results that attract clients

Stefanie told us she is going to show you her EXACT technique STEP-BY-STEP so that you can follow along and imitate everything she does to get award-winning results.

Stefanie also gave us an outline covering everything she is going to show you during her presentation.

During the Lip-Blushing presentation you will learn:
  • How to do a PRE-DRAWING that gets the perfect shape for each client
  • Secrets to selecting colors and pigments for better results
  • An important advanced trick to help you choose a better needle for lip blushing
  • Lips get infected more often than brows. With less trauma, lips can heal faster and you can reduce client pain. Stefanie is going to show you how she reduces skin trauma and pain during the lip blushing procedure.
  • Stefanie's important aftercare and healing tips to avoid lip infections. Lip infection after lip-blushing is a common and serious side-effect that could harm your business; so, even if you're already very comfortable with your lip-blushing technique, pay attention to this part of the presentation.
  • After this presentation, your lip-blushing will get better. But, if your photos are low-quality clients won't book. Stefanie said she will show you how to take better lip-blushing before-and-after photos so that you can attract more clients for this procedure.

Stretch Mark Camouflage - Brazillian Technique - Taught By: Fernanda Jaffre

Above: Fernanda Jaffre is so in-demand she's taught students from FOUR different CONTINENTS (Europe, South America, North America, Asia & the Middle East). (Reference: ScarCamouflageTraining.com) Stretch-mark is her specialty. As of this writing, Fernanda has 47,000 views for just her last 3 stretch mark camouflage videos. 😲 (Reference: "Fernanda Jaffre" - Youtube Channel)

Fernanda is so good at camo that she's helped women get results when doctors couldn't find a solution. (Reference: ScarCamouflageTraining.com)

Did you know Fernanda took the FIRST course in the world 🌎 for Brazillian Camouflage Tattoo? (Reference: ScarCamouflageTraining.com)

As a biomedical science scholar, Fernanda is a pioneer in stretch mark camouflage. (Reference: ScarCamouflageTraining.com) Her strong science background will help you better understand the technical details for good stretch mark camouflage.

Because Fernanda works in diverse Brazil, Fernanda can answer your questions for a WIDE RANGE of FITZPATRICK skin types.

During the Stretch Mark Camouflage presentation you will learn:
  • Parts of patient physiology and skin anatomy that affect your results
  • Pigment chemistry to get the right camouflage results using the Brazillian Camouflage technique
  • And much more...

3D Belly Button - Belly Button Reconstruction - Taught By: Sherah Juarez

Above: Plastic Surgeons need PMU artists who can reconstruct belly buttons after tummy tuck procedures. Sherah is going to tell you about this amazing NEW technique!

How many plastic surgeons are you working with? Would you like to add more high-end clientele to your list of clients?

Sherah works with over 24+ DIFFERENT PLASTIC SURGEONS in the Houston area, providing this and other services. Most important, Sherah provides their plastic surgery clients with this MUCH NEEDED "3D Belly Button" technique after those clients get tummy tucks.

If you're not offering this 3D BELLY BUTTON technique already, this technique could help you BOOST YOUR INCOME πŸ’°πŸ’° in 2021. As soon as you learn this technique, start contacting plastic surgeons before other artists in your area take them all!

IMPORTANT: This technique is presentation ONLY. No live demo will be given for this procedure and no certificate of attendance will be given for this technique. If you like what you see in this presentation, and you want to offer this procedure, you will need to take an additional masterclass. (But, as an attendee, you will get a discount!)

Leann La On: "How To Build A 7-Figure PMU Business" - Taught By: Leann La

Above: Leann La built Fuzion Artistry a 7-figure powerhouse in the PMU industry.

One of the fastest ways to boost your personal success is to learn from someone who's made it where you want to be. That's why we've asked Leann La to share her experience with you.

Leann is going to help you understand what you can do RIGHT NOW to get your permanent makeup company past the 7-figure mark.

This is another session where YOU MUST TAKE LOTS OF NOTES. Because this session is where you'll learn how to take the new PMU skills you learn at this conference and turn them into more income.

Sheila Bella On: "How To Build On Camera Confidence & Become A Client Magnet" - Taught By: Sheila Bella

Above: 7-figure microblading artist, Sheila Bella, will be speaking to you about how to build your confidence on camera so that you can attract more clients.

Most of us are naturally camera-shy.

But, because social media is a big money-maker, your income grows when you get more comfortable speaking to your audience on-camera.

And what PMU artist knows more about on-camera confidence than Sheila Bella?!?

Sheila Bella has built two 7-figure businesses, πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ include a 7-figure PMU business.

In this presentation, Sheila is going to teach you how she built her on-camera confidence and became a client MAGNET. 🧲 Yes...it might be hard to believe, but Sheila was NOT always as confident as she is today. πŸ˜‚

We're excited for this one!!! We can't wait to see what Sheila teaches you! πŸ€—πŸ€—

"How To Get On The 1st Page Of Google" (Bonus: Through PMU Masterclasses) - Taught By: Ayo Ijidakinro

Above: Ayo has a degree in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering from MIT. He's an expert on SEO for Microblading and Permanent Makeup Artists. He'll be teaching you how to improve your website so that you can get on and stay on the first page of Google.

Getting on the 1st page of Google can add thousands of dollars to your monthly PMU income.

This topic is going to teach you what you need to know to get on Google's first page.

During the "How To Get On The First Page Of Google" presentation you will learn:
  • What you need to do immediately to boost your chances of getting on Google's first page
  • What we did to get iShapeBrows on the first page of Google in Las Vegas for microblading
  • A mistake you might be making that will keep you off the first page of Google permanently
  • How to stay on the 1st page of Google if you're already there or once you get there
  • The best tools we recommend to track your website's SEO for the money-making PMU keywords

"How To Make 5-Figures Per Month" - Taught By: Ayo Ijidakinro

To make 6-figures per year as a PMU artist, your need to break 5-figures per month at least six months per year so that you can make up for the slow season.

If your income is lower than you want, it's probably because you're making mistakes that hold back your income.

During this presentation Ayo will help you identify your mistakes so that you can super-charge your 2021.

During the "How To Make 5-Figures Per Month" presentation you will learn:
  • How can you tell if your prices are too low?
  • How can you get busier, even as you raise your prices?
  • What types of advertising and marketing are a waste of money, and what types of advertising boost your income the most?
  • How important is SEO versus advertising and why?
  • How to get more sales from your social media?
  • How to get more sales from your website?

How To Take and Edit Videos & Pictures That SELL - Taught By: Lady Sutachan

Above: Quality before-and-after images are a big reason Lady's risen so fast in the PMU industry

In the past 3 years, Lady's PMU career took off like a rocket πŸ”₯πŸš€ because she produces some of the most beautiful before-and-after pictures we've ever seen.

We also like to think it's partially because, like Leann La, Lady has attended Portia's past conferences. πŸ˜‰ For example, Lady attended Portia's May & November 2018 conferences. She has EXPLODED since those days!

Currently, Lady Sutachan is one of Biotek's International PMU Master Trainers & Ambassadors for their academy and brand. (If you're not familiar with Biotek, Biotek is one of the worlds largest PMU suppliers.)

Her rapid career rise proves that Lady is top-quality at everything she does. After this session, we're confident your photo-taking and before-and-after skills will be on-point.

During the Pictures That Sell presentation you will learn:
  • Why poor quality photography could be HOLDING BACK YOUR INCOME. 😬
  • Why Lady's before-and-after images are so good.
  • Why you don't need expensive equipment to take great before-and-after pictures. (But there are a few secrets you need to learn.)

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