11+ CERTIFICATES Of Attendance and 16 Master Trainers to GROW YOUR SKILLS! This Is Our 4th EDUCATIONAL PMU Conference. And Best Yet, THIS CONFERENCE IS NOW ONLINE!

11 Techniques, 16 Master Trainers, 7.5 Hours Each Day, 3 Marketing Topics

For The FIRST TIME At Any PMU Conference EVER, Every Certificate of Attendance You Get At This Conference Is Digitally Verifiable!

The certificates of attendance you get at this conference are the highest-quality EVER issued at any PMU conference in our industry. For example, every certificate you get is DIGITALLY VERIFIABLE by your clients online! 😊💊

An example of a digitally verifiable certificate of attendance that you will get as an attendee at this conference.

This will be the FIRST PMU conference EVER to take advantage of DIGITAL verification of certificates of attendance!

On your certificates of attendance will be a seal that says, "Verified by PMUCerts.com"

Each of your certificates of attendance will have a UNIQUE ID on it.

Your clients will be able to go to pmucerts.com and enter that unique id to validate your certificate.

PMUCerts.com will show your clients the information she needs, so that she can see you really do have better training than other artists in your local area!

The goal is to help you win more clients.

For each of your certificates, your client will see:

  1. Your name
  2. The date you took the training
  3. The name of the technique you learned
  4. The name of the trainer

Your name is shown so that no other artist can try to re-use the unique Id on each of your 11++ certificates of attendance that you get from this conference.

Verifiable certifications is a GAME CHANGER for your business and our industry!

For the first time, your clients are going to be able to...

SEE THE AMAZING DIFFERENCE between the quality of your training and that of other PMU artists in your area.

You can even post your certification badges with ID on your Instagram so that your clients can VERIFY your certifications!

That's something they WON'T be able to do with your competition!

We're so excited PMUCerts.com is launching along with this conference!

September 14 - 16, 2020 is GOING TO BE AMAZING! 💃🎉🎈

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