11+ CERTIFICATES Of Attendance and 16 Master Trainers to GROW YOUR SKILLS, Help You GET MORE CLIENTS and Help You EARN MORE PER APPOINTMENT.

11 Techniques, 16 Master Trainers, 7.5 Hours Each Day, 3 Marketing Topics

Trainers & Speakers

16+ Master Trainers are arriving in Las Vegas from 8 countries to share with you, their experience and knowledge.

Hoi Kwan

  • Hoi is the founder of Hoi Tattoo
  • In 2014, Hoi was named Best Make Up Artist in the entire province of Alberta, Canada
  • Hoi’s Signature Brow Design and unique style of Nano brows (which she is showing you during this conference) has built a cult following amongst clients and fellow artists
  • Hoi is so in-demand, she's spoken at events as far away as Berlin, Germany, where she spoke at the Worldwide Eyebrows Festival.
  • Hoi is going to help you learn tips and tricks to design a better eyebrow and get better quality Nano Brow results.

Anna Bokhan

  • Anna is the founder of Mara Studio (former AB Permanent Makeup Studio)
  • She has done in-depth research on pigments and natural color tones to perfect lip techniques
  • The name of her signature technique is: "Watercolor Lip Blush
  • Her willingness to do her own pigment research is one reason she is known worldwide for creating perfect, natural lips
  • Anna's presentation will teach you: lip shape correction, shading to get EVEN results, and how to pick the perfect color without guessing

Maya Moore

  • Maya is Founder of MooreBeautyLove.
  • She is one of a handful of industry experts on Nano Brows for Dark Skin.
  • Nano brows are hard. It's difficult to use your machine to mimic hairlike strokes as perfect as microblading.
  • Maya specializes in helping upcoming PMU artists take the mystery out of the Nano machine technique.
  • During this conference, Maya will give you tips and tricks to get better results for Nano brows on Fitzpatrick 4 - 6.

Toni Belfatto

  • Toni is 1 of 2 Italian inventors of the "Scalp Tricopigmentation" technique, which is good for women and men who need to simulate "LONG HAIR" (This allows you reach more customers than scalp micropigmentation alone.)
  • In 2007, Toni got a PATENT for his Tricopigmentation technique
  • For 12 years, Toni has further perfected his technique
  • Toni has spoken and taught at 50+ conferences worldwide
  • According to testimony from clients and artists in Italy, artists trained by Toni, can CHARGE MORE for their scalp micropigmentation services

Stefanie Toms

  • Stefanie was the 2019 WINNER of BEST UK PMU ARIST
  • Stefanie has owned her own permanent makeup clinics, "Stefanie Toms Permanent Makeup & Cosmetics," and "Saving Grace Skin Clinic" for 8 years
  • Stefanie is a master of the money-making "Shaded Eyeliner" technique

Mandy Sauler

  • Mandy's is the founder of the Sauler Institute. Her practice has been so successful, she has expanded her business to have offices in 3 different states (New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey)
  • She has 19 years of tattoo and permanent makeup experience
  • She received her Board Certification from the American Academy of Micropigmentation and is a member of the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals
  • For 9 years, Mandy has specialized in micropigmentation, especially of the Areola
  • After years of business growth and success, she is considered by many to be one of the top Areola reconstruction artists in the United States

Shiela Bella

  • Sheila is Founder of a 7-figure permanent makeup business
  • She is also President & Executive Director of the American Academy of Micropigmentation
  • Founder of the Top 100 Podcast, "Pretty Rich Podcast" for PMU artists
  • She takes pride that Her other career is being a wife and mother of two
  • Sheila will teach you business secrets to attract more clients to your business so you can boost your income

Veronika Petras

  • Veronika is the INVENTOR of the BreezyBrows technique
  • Veronika's BreezyBrows technique is now an Official PhiBrows technique
  • Veronika was hand-selected by Branko Babic to be the WORLD Master Trainer for BreezyBrows
  • Veronika has been a professional makeup artist since 2010
  • Veronika is also known by the name La Majja

Carla Ricciardone

  • Carla is one of the top industry experts on Melanin Rich Lips and Hyperpigmentation
  • Carla is from one of the top PMU markets in the world, Brazil.
  • Even professionally trained doctors attend training at her academy. For example, Dr. Jennifer Galjour said, "I am a doctor and this platform has given me a ton of insight and education toward my practice of aesthetic medicine."
  • Her students love her training. Phong S. said, "OMGosh!! Carla you have saved me from many falls already."
  • Carla's career focus on Dark Lips is one reason she is an expert for this skin type. How many artists are you aware of that focus their career on dark lips and that can provide you with training?
  • Carla's presentation will help you understand secrets and tips that are unique to melanin rich & hyperpigmented lips

Manouk De Vries

  • Manouk doesn't just do Henna Brows, she is a true Henna Brows expert who, in fact, manufactures Henna Brow product for brow artists around the world! 😲
  • That's why we felt Manouk is the perfect Master trainer to teach you about the Henna Brows technique. Who would know more than the maker of the pigment?
  • Over 2 years ago, Manouk founded Henna Brow pigment manufacturer Supercilium.
  • She got her inspiration while working at a salon in Amsterdam.
  • According to Olympia Beauty, Manouk's henna product is a unique professional henna brow product made from the finest henna in India.
  • As you can see, Manouk is perfectly qualified to introduce you to the Henna Brow technique. As one of the manufacturers supplying the Henna Brow industry, we truly doubt you can find anyone who knows this technique better than Manouk.

Dolores Srok

  • Dolores is the Founder of the PMU Elite Academy, Headquartered in Croatia
  • She has 10+ years of Permanent Makeup experience
  • Dolores is a global PMU trainer who has been requested to train PMU students in 11 different countries
  • She is the creator of the "Paradise Shine Lips" technique for women that want lips that look BRIGHT & NATURAL, and the "DS Passion Lips" technique for women that want a more sexy look
  • At this conference, Dolores will be teaching you her "Paradise Shine Lips" technique

Rhonda Best

  • Rhonda is Founder and Owner of Best Tattoo Removal Inc. and National Brow Clinic Inc
  • She is the former National Trainer for one of the world's #1 saline tattoo removal products
  • She has done saline tattoo removal for years longer than many PMU artists have been doing permanent makeup
  • Because she has:

    1. Worked with multiple different saline tattoo products
    2. Been a national trainer for a top saline tattoo removal brand
    3. Years of saline tattoo removal experience

    Rhonda is one of North America's TOP saline tattoo removal experts

  • Rhonda started one of the largest Facebook Groups for Certified PMU Artists, "Pay It Forward: PMU & Microblading Tips"
  • Rhonda is also the founder of "Artists Unite". PMU Artist in major cities around the world host local events as networking opportunities for other Certified PMU Artists.

Yulia Demidova

  • Yulia is the leading specialist in Dermopigmentation at the Plastic Surgery Clinic “ArtClinic” in Moscow, Russia
  • Yulia is a professional permanent makeup researcher; in her research, Yulia does extensive experiments with pigment chemistry to study the effects of pigment chemistry on healed results
  • Since 2018, conferences in multiple cities and countries around the world invite Yulia to share her research on the Chemistry of Permanent Makeup Pigment and how it affects color and retention in the skin.
  • Yulia has over 13 years of Permanent Makeup experience
  • Yulia is also a teacher of Long-Time-Liner Permanent Make Up School in Moscow

Natalia Verkh

  • Natalia went to Russia to learn the BB GLOW procedure because she learned the technique BEFORE there were any other good trainers in the United States
  • Natalia then became one of the first artists to offer BB GLOW training in North America
  • Because of her early start, Natalia is one of the most experienced BB Glow artists in the United States and Canada

Ayo Ijidakinro

  • Ayo has 22+ years of SEO experience
  • In 2003, Ayo earned his 4-year Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  • From 2002-2003, Ayo was CTO of a Boston-based company of Harvard and MIT graduates. Ayo and his team designed and built a search engine called DocuSeek
  • Ayo has 3-years of experience doing SEO for Microblading & Permanent makeup artists
  • He has gotten multiple permanent makeup artists on the 1st page of Google (For example, Sokkha Va of Microblading Brow Lady in Lexington, MA)
  • In one 26-month period, Ayo generated $909,119 of PMU-related revenue
  • From 2004 - 2007, Ayo worked at Microsoft Corporation

Darcy Debernarde

  • In 2019, Darcy Debernarde, was voted ‘Favorite Licensed Aesthetician’ by Dermascope Magazine
  • Darcy is the Director of Pink Door Cancer Spa - a donation only, non-profit spa for those undergoing cancer therapies
  • She owns the OC (Orange County) based Skin Boutique - Skin by D
  • Darcy will be showing you a skin needling technique that can earn you as much as $500 an hour

More speakers will be announced in the coming weeks.

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