11+ CERTIFICATES Of Attendance and 16 Master Trainers to GROW YOUR SKILLS! This Is Our 4th EDUCATIONAL PMU Conference. And Best Yet, THIS CONFERENCE IS NOW ONLINE!

11 Techniques, 16 Master Trainers, 7.5 Hours Each Day, 3 Marketing Topics

"the PMU Conference" Is Now 100% Online for 2020!

We know you probably prefer an in-person experience; 😭 but read these 8 reasons this online conference is NOW better for your PMU business in 2020 & 2021!

Here Are 8 Reasons This Online Conference Is Better For Your PMU Business, In 2020 & 2021, Than An In-person Conference!

Reason #1: Because 2020 SUCKS! And we know your business might be tight on money, ðŸ˜Ē and who knows what could happen next... 😎 This conference is 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEED!

If something happens, where you simply can't make the virtual conference. 😭 You can just ASK US for a refund and we will give you your MONEY-BACK!

No PMU conference EVER does this! Can you tell us any organizers that have been that generous to you?!?

This is our 5TH PMU CONFERENCE and WE'VE NEVER offered a money-back guarantee before. Normally deposits for our conferences are NON-REFUNDABLE!

We're only doing this because 2020 has been so crazy, we know that there is SO MUCH UNCERTAINTY, you need to know that you can get your money back if something goes wrong in your business or you life!

Reason #2: ALL 11+ certificates of attendance issued to you at this conference are DIGITALLY VERIFIABLE by your clients at pmucerts.com!

This is the FIRST PMU CONFERENCE IN HISTORY to issue FULLY VERIFIABLE ðŸ˜ē certificates of attendance.

This makes the certificates of attendance you get at this conference EVEN MORE VALUABLE.

Other PMU Artists Can't Fake These Certificates Of Attendance

If they didn't attend this conference, their clients will be able to VERIFY that their certificate is FAKE.

Whereas, YOUR CLIENTS will be able to DIGITALLY verify that the CERTIFICATES OF ATTENDANCE you get at this conference ARE AUTHENTIC!

What other conference is offering certificates of attendance of such a HIGH-QUALITY?

Reason #3: Many of the BEST TRAINERS IN THE WORLD are from Europe, Canada and Asia, But Borders Are Closed Because Of Coronavirus! 😎

50% of our speakers are international because many of the best PMU trainers are from outside of the United States.

But because of Coronavirus, there are travel bans into the United States!

So, if you want to learn from the BEST speakers, only this online conference is going to provide that in 2020.

Other in-person conferences will have to use sub-par speakers, or their speakers aren't going to show up! 😎

Reason #4: You could lose thousands in business if you're exposed to someone with coronavirus at an in-person conference!

You can't safely social distance at an in-person conference! 😎

What happens if someone at the conference has coronavirus? Do you really want to close your business because you got exposed to someone with coronavirus?

Reason #5: You will save THOUSANDS in travel expenses by attending our on-line conference!

It's not worth the money, in this down economy, to book flights and hotels when you can SAFELY watch this online conference from home!

Reason #6: Permanent makeup conferences are NOT hands-on! But during this online conference, you can have your MACHINE, TOOLS, PRACTICE PIGMENT, and LATEX ALL right there with you as you watch!

That means you'll LEARN FASTER and REMEMBER MORE of what you learn!

Reason #7: We feel you'll never get another chance to learn so much for so little money again!

For example, this is the FIRST TIME EVER you can attend one of our conferences for less than a $2,000 ticket.

Moving this conference online is saving us TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars, so NOW we can give you the same great training for less money!

For example, right now with a promo code, you can get your ticket for less than $800 total!

As mentioned above, there are only 2 seats left and this conference is 100% sold out.

Reason #8: Before switching this conference to online, the speakers and topics were so in-demand that we sold out 116 DAYS EARLY!

Now that this conference is online, we added more seats!

In conclusion, you don't want to miss this conference!
Buy your ticket now while seats are still available!
Plus, YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE! Because this conference is 100% REFUNDABLE if ANYTHING happens in your CRAZY ðŸĪŠ 2020 LIFE

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Don't lose this chance to be at probably the most educational and money-making Microblading & PMU conference this year. We've made sure you go home ready to make more money with the skills and tricks that you learn from these 16 master trainers.

Best of all, because this conference is on-line, you SAVE MONEY on travel, hotels, and you don't risk catching coronavirus! 😎

Plus, for the first time EVER, your ticket comes with a 100% MONEY-BACK guarantee. We know that the world is crazy right now, and your life could change in a big way by September. As long as you let us know by the end of the first day, we'll give you 100% of your money back. 👍 You literally have nothing to lose!

To get on the waiting list, email us at: info@thepmuconference.com.

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