11+ CERTIFICATES Of Attendance and 16 Master Trainers to GROW YOUR SKILLS, Help You GET MORE CLIENTS and Help You EARN MORE PER APPOINTMENT.

11 Techniques, 16 Master Trainers, 7.5 Hours Each Day, 3 Marketing Topics

Conference topics

This conference will cover 13+ topics. Each topic was picked because it teaches you skills that will help you earn more money as an artist.

Breezy Brows - Machine Hairstrokes - Taught By: Veronika Petrás

Above: Veronika is the inventor of the Breezy Brows technique. She will show you secrets that she uses to create this "breezy and careless" look. This is a NEW technique to offer clients that don't want the perfectly manicured look of traditional microblading and shading.

If your city is crowded with lots of Permanent Makeup artists, and you're having a tough time standing out as DIFFERENT AND BETTER than your competition, then YOU NEED TO LEARN THIS TECHNIQUE.

Breezy Brows is a NEW PMU TECHNIQUE invented by Veronika Petrás to give women microbladed brows that look "breezy and careless" (reference: PhiBrows Academy Official Website .

Here's why your business needs this technique:

Your business could be losing out on business from women that don't want that perfectly manicured look that ALL the other microblading artists are doing. Some women want their brows to look more careless and carefree. So by learning this NEW technique, now you can EXPAND YOUR BUSINESS to take on A WHOLE NEW TYPE OF PERMANENT MAKEUP CLIENT. That could mean thousands of dollars in new income for you in 2020.

After being trained by Veronika, Paolae Flores said: "Thank you Veronika for sharing your technique with us, you are truly talented, i just love the course ! Dreams come true ♥️"

We work really hard to find, NOT JUST the most skilled trainers, but also THE BEST TEACHERS. That's why we invited Veronika to teach you her Breezy Brows technique. How many times have you loved a trainer so much that you said, like Veronika's student Paolae, "Dreams come true ♥️"?

At this conference, you'll see why Veronika, PhiBrows' WORLDWIDE MASTER trainer for BreezyBrows, is truly one of the best.

During the Breezy Brows presentation you will learn:
  • How Veronika does her "careless and carefree" BREEZY BROWS technique
  • What needle to use for this NEW technique
  • How Veronika draws the BREEZY BROWS shape before the procedure
  • What tools she uses to get the perfect BREEZY BROWS look
  • What types of pigment work best for this IN-DEMAND breezy NATURAL look

Shaded eyeliner - Taught By: Stefanie Toms

Above: Stefanie will teach you 9 of her tricks to doing a better eyeliner. For example, she will teach you "How to stretch the eye properly for perfect application"

After brows, the #2 money-maker in Permanent Makeup is Eyeliner.

During this presentation, you will learn the secrets behind Stefanie Tom's Shaded Eyeliner technique.

Below are 6 of the 9 topics that Stefanie is going to teach you during this presentation and procedure demonstration.

During the Shaded Eyeliner presentation you will learn:
  • How to stretch the eye properly for PERFECT APPLICATION
  • How to position Wings & Flicks
  • Proper use of anesthetics to minimize pain and PREVENT SERIOUS DAMAGE to the eye
  • The best needles & PMU devices for perfect application
  • Recommended pigments and pigment selection for best results
  • Important information you MUST UNDERSTAND about how the eye and eyelid work to do the technique correctly and to improve your eyeliner skills

Areola - Taught By: Mandy Sauler

Plastic surgery can restore breast size and shape, but it does not restore the look of a natural nipple.

During this presentation, Mandy will give you an OVERVIEW of what is required to give a woman who has suffered from breast cancer a more natural-looking nipple so that you can help your client to restore her dignity.

If you already do areola reconstruction, then this presentation will help you to PERFECT the naturalness of your results.

If you don't yet offer this service, then this presentation will let you see, up close, HOW A MASTER like Mandy Sauler achieves such PERFECT natural results.

Afterwards, you might decide to add this exclusive service (very few permanent makeup artists really know how to do this technique correctly), which can earn you $600+ per nipple.

>> Don't know who Mandy Sauler is? Click Here To See Pictures Of Her Work

Tricopigmentation (NEW! PATENTED technique) - Taught By: Toni Belfatto

Above: Unlike traditional scalp pigmentation, Tricopigmentation is good for long hair. Notice how real these look. Toni Belfatto will be teaching this treatment to you.

Tricopigmentation is NOT THE SAME AS scalp micropigmentation, although they are similar.

There are 2 inventors of Tricopigmentation as it is known today. Toni Belfatto and Milena Lardi. However, Toni holds a PATENT for his Tricopigmentation technique.

According to Joe Tillman -- a hair transplant consultant, and patient educator, since 2003 -- the difference between Tricopigmentation and scalp micropigmentation are,

  1. Better for women than scalp micropigmentation - While scalp micropigmentation is great for men, Tricopigmentation can be GREAT FOR WOMEN because, according to Mr. Tillman, the "pigmentation looks realistic, and creates the illusion of fuller density in thinning longer hair, " (reference: "What Is Tricopigmentation" , hairtransplantmentor.com, Accessed: October 28, 2019)
  2. Better consistency - "micropigmentation dots often look too big to be realistic, the hair pattern is botched (especially at the hair line)" (reference: "What Is Tricopigmentation" , hairtransplantmentor.com, Accessed: October 28, 2019)
  3. Less discoloration - "With micropigmentation, the ink can become an unnatural green and blue color as time passes" (reference: "What Is Tricopigmentation" , hairtransplantmentor.com, Accessed: October 28, 2019)

If you already do scalp micropigmentation, learning this technique could open the door to thousands in new income by EXPANDING YOUR SCALP SERVICES TO PROVIDE BETTER RESULTS FOR WOMEN.

If no artists in this area are offering Tricopigmentation services, you can GET NEW CLIENTS by being the FIRST TO OFFER this NEW service in your area!

According to testimony from clients and artists in Italy, artists trained by Toni, can CHARGE MORE for their scalp micropigmentation services. (reference: "Hair pigmentation" , Accessed: October 28, 2019 -- Note: Because Toni is from Italy, the website linked is in Italian.)

During the Tricopigmentation (similar to Scalp Pigmentation) presentation you will learn:
  • How Toni's patented technique is different than scalp micropigmentation.
  • How Toni performs this technique on clients; you will see a demonstration of Toni Belfatto performing this technique.
  • How machine configuration and settings are DIFFERENT for Tricopigmentation than for scalp micropigmentation.
  • The type and selection of pigments you need to use for Tricopigmentation
  • The tools Toni uses when performing this technique
  • Which clients are good candidates for this technique
  • And many other CRITICAL lessons you MUST LEARN before you attempt to offer this service to men and women in your area

Watercolor Lips, Secrets Of Color Choice - Taught By: Anna Bokhan

Above: Anna will teach you a new method she has researched for choosing the correct color for your client's lips

Boosting the number of lips you do is the easiest way to boost your permanent makeup income by 20% or more because, on average, clients pay 25% - 40% more for lip procedures than for eyebrows. (Based on our research, the average price for brows in the United States is $400 - $500, whereas the average price for lips is anywhere from $500 - $700)

To do more lips, you need to grow your skills.

Most PMU artists do roughly 1 set of lips for every 14 sets of brows. If that's the same for you, then you're missing out on lots of lip income.

If you're not doing lips at all, then you need to pay close attention to this presentation and demonstration.

Anna Bokhan is one of the few Master PMU artists whose lips are so in-demand she does roughly 5 sets of lips for every 7 sets of brows (see her profile here ). That's roughly 583% higher than the average permanent makeup artist.

Why is Anna so in-demand for her lips?

This presentation and demonstration are going to teach you EXACTLY what Anna does DIFFERENT that make so many clients ask her to do their lips.

During the Watercolor Lips presentation you will learn:
  • NEW! research by Anna about "Which pigments work best for lips to get natural color tones"
  • Anna's NEW! "Color Theory For Lips" so that you can STOP GUESSING what color to use for your client
  • How To Get Healed Results That Make Your Client's Lips Look Full And Juicy
  • How to correct lip shape

Lip Blush on Dark Lips - Taught By: Carla Ricciardone

Above: Carla is so in-demand, even professionally trained DOCTORS 👩‍⚕️👨‍⚕️ attend classes at her academy! 😲🤯 She will teach you her tricks to doing flawless lip blush on dark lips.

As we mentioned above, doing more lips can boost your income per hour.

While our research shows brows average only $400 to $500 for an initial, lips average 25-45% more -- as high as $500 to $700 for an average initial.

But women with darker skin lips are searching for artists who have been trained to work with darker skin. That's why getting training from Carla can help make you more IN-DEMAND with a whole new group of clients in your home city.

Because Carla FOCUSES on dark lips, one of her main money-makers, you can be confident you're getting training from one of the top DARK LIP experts in the United States.

We can't wait to see what Carla is going to teach you during this session!

Luxury Brow Design & Intro To Nano Hairstrokes - Taught By: Hoi Kwan

Above: Can you believe the above is Nano MACHINE Hairstrokes and NOT microblading?!? Even if you think you already know Nano brows, the amazing, tight machine-hairstroke pattern above is why you need to learn Nano (Machine Hairstokes) from Hoi Kwan.

Poor retention is the #1 complaint clients have with microblading.

Nano hairstrokes last longer than microblading because the machine can get more pigment deeper into the skin.

That's why clients love nano. 💖

For clients with oily skin types, machine (nano) hairstrokes might be the only option for you to get good retention.

Unfortunately, most permanent makeup artists don't know how to get nano hairstrokes that are tightly spaced like microblading. So their results look LESS realistic.

However, as you can see from the above pictures, Hoi Kwan has MASTERED making nano hairstrokes that are just as tightly spaced as microblading! This gets beautiful, natural-looking results, even though she's using a machine.

If you can be one of the few artists in your local area that does this well, it could help you get a LOT of extra clients.

Make sure you pay close attention as Hoi explains how she gets such perfect, tightly-packed machine strokes.

You MUST be ready to take lots of notes during this presentation.

Paradise Shine Lips - Taught By: Dolores Srok

Above: At $550 - $700 per appointment, lips are the #2 or #3 moneymaker after brows; that's why we're having 2 different master trainers show you the latest in lip technique and pigments. Improving your results for lip shading will help you boost your income.

We want you to leave this conference ready to make more money for lips. That's why, at this conference, we have 2 speakers that will teach you their lip technique.

Dolores is flying ✈ 6,020 miles from Croatia to teach you her booming demand Paradise Shine Lips technique.

When you leave this conference, you can combine what you learn from both speakers to "level up" your lip technique and kill the local competition in your city.

Dolores is going to teach you something VERY IMPORTANT if you want to master lips.

Dolores has been a permanent makeup artist for 10 years.

During that time SHE HAS STUDIED WHAT CLIENTS WANT when they get permanent makeup for their lips.

Her research has shown that THERE ARE 2 TYPES OF LIP CUSTOMERS.

  1. Clients that want lips that look SEXY AND SENSUAL.
  2. Clients that want lips that look BRIGHT & NATURAL.


Dolores created the "Paradise Shine Lips" technique for the 2nd type of client.

That is the technique she is going to focus on at this conference.

Her other technique is Passion Lips. However, she will only have time to cover the first style, "Paradise Lips", at this conference.

You will NOT want to miss this presentation! Make sure you are ready to take notes from both Dolores and Anna. EACH OF THESE MASTER ARTISTS HAVE TAKEN THE TIME TO DO THEIR OWN RESEARCH . You're getting this information for no extra money!

So, just because it's Las Vegas, DON'T COME OVER-RELAXED AND WASTE THIS OPPORTUNITY to benefit from the research these two amazing trainers have done. COME READY TO FOCUS, WITH PEN AND PAPER READY TO TAKE PLENTY OF NOTES.

Dry Needling - Taught By: Darcy Debernarde

Above: First image: Scar relaxation on a 10-year-old surgical scar. Second image: Melanocyte restoration and scar relaxation - 7-year-old fibrous Scar tissue and hypopigmentation from CO2 laser - client was told nothing could be done. After 2 treatments she needs more treatments, but she was happy with these results. Darcy will teach you how you can do this NEW technique as a permanent makeup artist. This is a technique that can help you boost your summertime income when clients don't want to deal with PMU after-care.

Darcy Debernarde was voted ‘Favorite Licensed Aesthetician’ by Dermascope Magazine in 2019, and is:

  • A renowned advanced skin needling educator
  • A permanent make-up artist
  • And a paramedical skin therapist

She is going to be teaching you her Dry Needling technique. This technique can help clients resolve: Pigmentation, Signs of aging, Sagging skin, Skin texture, Vascular scarring, Acne scarring, Pigmentation from photoaging.

Dry Needling appointments take anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hr. And at $250 per appointment, you can make as much as $500 an hour performing this technique.

Advanced Color Theory From A Plastic Surgeon's PMU Expert - Taught By: Yulia Demidova

Above: Yulia works with plastic surgeons in Russia. She does pigment research on permablend and other pigment manufacturers to understand how the ingredients in the pigment affect healed results. Yulia will teach you what she's learned over 13 years of experience and research.

Mistakes in how you choose and mix your pigments could be holding you back from becoming a more successful artist. This session will help you make master level decisions to pick, mix, and use the perfect pigments for each client.

During the Advanced Color Theory presentation you will learn:
  • How To Avoid Common Mistakes In Choosing Pigments That Could Be Holding You Back From Becoming a More Successful Artist
  • How To Use Color Correctors When A Client Has Existing Pigment Already In The Skin, And Laser Removal Or Other Pigment Removal Techniques Are Not An Option
  • How To Determine The Client's Skin Type (Warm or Cold)
  • How To Collect Your Own Palette Of Pigments
  • How To Analyze Your Palette Of Pigments And Understand What Pigments Are Warm And Which Are Cold
  • How To Use The Correct Warm And Cold Pigments To Avoid Blue Or Red Color Tones In Eyebrows
  • Features of Techniques To Introduce Pigment Into The Skin

How To Improve Your Results With Better Needle Selection - Taught By: Yulia Demidova

Do you ever look at other artist's work and wonder, how is her retention so good?!?

Do you struggle with pigment migration? Fuzzy results? Graying of the pigment?

This topic is going to help you get better results so that you can raise your prices and attract more clients to your permanent makeup business.

Sheila Bella On: "How To Build Your Brand To Attract More Clients" - Taught By: Sheila Bella

Above: 7-figure microblading artist, Sheila Bella, will be a co-MC on Sunday & Monday at this conference! She'll also be speaking to you on Tuesday about how to attract more clients to your business.

Sheila Bella built a 7-figure permanent makeup business.

During this topic, Sheila is going to teach you her secrets to building a stronger brand for your permanent makeup business, so that you can attract more clients and boost your monthly income.

"How To Get On The 1st Page Of Google" - Taught By: Ayo Ijidakinro

Above: Ayo has a degree in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering from MIT. He's an expert on SEO for Microblading and Permanent Makeup Artists. He'll be teaching you how to improve your website so that you can get on and stay on the first page of Google.

Getting on the 1st page of Google can add thousands of dollars to your monthly PMU income.

This topic is going to teach you what you need to know to get on Google's first page.

During the How To Get On The First Page Of Google presentation you will learn:
  • What you need to do immediately to boost your chances of getting on Google's first page
  • What we did to get iShapeBrows on the first page of Google in Las Vegas for microblading
  • A mistake you might be making that will keep you off the first page of Google permanently
  • How to stay on the 1st page of Google if you're already there or once you get there
  • The best tools we recommend to track your website's SEO for the money-making PMU keywords

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